Decluttering - what's getting in your way?

As professional declutterers, we understand that even when you want to declutter your home, it's not always that easy. Join us for this free mini course in which we share our tips and advice for breaking through these barriers and setting yourself up for success.

What you'll learn

This quick and easy mini course gives you easy digestible answers to the three most common decluttering problems. We also include a free printable download you can refer to again and again.

  • Knowing exactly where to start

  • Deciding what to keep and what to let go

  • Finding the time to declutter

All about us

Decluttering Coach

Claire Furner

With a professional background in management and organisational development, education and training, Claire enjoys finding ways to involve and inspire learners. As a registered hypnotherapist she also understands those who need help with issues such as anxiety, phobias or procrastination. Claire has a down to earth and pragmatic style of working and enjoys helping her clients find solutions to problems. She lives in the Cotswolds, in England with her husband, two daughters, two dogs and a cat. Together with Sue Boatman she is co-owner of New Leaves, a successful decluttering, organising and home staging business.

Decluttering Coach

Sue Boatman

Sue's background is in Corporate Financial Services, where she experienced the challenges of growing and developing an organisation from "start up to stock market". Sue has also successfully run her own business providing administration solutions for entrepreneurs and business owners. Sue brings attention to detail and superb organisational and project management skills. Sue has recently undertaken a programme of study in counselling and coaching. This together with her natural people skills and humour means she is well equipped to help people with this process. Sue lives in the Cotswolds in England with her husband, two teenagers, and three cats. Together with Claire Furner, she is the co-owner of New Leaves, a successful decluttering, organising and home staging business.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    A Quick and Easy Guide to Decluttering

    • Welcome

    • Decluttering - Where do I Start?

    • Decluttering - How do I Make Decisions?

    • Decluttering - How Do I Find The Time?

    • Decluttering - Where Do I Go From Here?

    • Your Pdf Printable to Keep