Juggling for Life Coaching

"It's like having your own personal coach"

Do you have a lot of things to "juggle" in your life? Endless "to do" lists with no clear focus or direction? Juggling for Life is a unique coaching method that gives you the tools to organise and prioritise all the things you've got going on in your work, home and family life. Less stress, more control.
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Programme Overview


  • How is the coaching delivered?

    The coaching takes place over Zoom or Google Meet. The programme consists of three sessions, each one approximately one hour long. The sessions are spaced out, at approximately 2 week intervals.

  • Is this coaching relevant to decluttering?

    If you are decluttering your home, most likely you are already a busy person with multiple obligations and commitments. You may feel overwhelmed with trying to do everything, unsure where to start, and uncertain where to focus your attention. Juggling for Life provides the perfect framework to help you, by giving you the tools to organise and prioritise all of your life events. You can then achieve your decluttering goals without losing sight of your other priorities.

  • Does this coaching teach me how to declutter?

    Juggling for Life is not specifically about decluttering – it is about organising and prioritising all the different things you are trying to manage in your life. However, if decluttering is one of your goals, we can of course help you break that down into specific measurable actions as part of the coaching process.

  • What coaching experience do you have?

    As certified Juggling for Life coaches we have undertaken a programme of training and development with the Global Development Network based in Lund, Sweden. This training is in addition to our previous professional skills and experience in business, training, and education.

  • What happens when I sign up?

    As soon as you have signed up for the coaching programme you will have access to the online guide which gives you all the information you need to book your coaching sessions as well as all the supporting material.