Decluttering for Life

When it comes to decluttering, one size does not fit all

We're really excited to bring you our online training programme, Decluttering for Life. A complete week by week guided learning programme which takes you beyond the "how to"of decluttering and dives deep into the "why". A truly personalised approach to decluttering that works for you, your lifestyle and your unique personality.

It's a familiar story, is it yours?

  • You really want to sort out your house and clear your clutter.

  • You're craving a calmer, more organised life.

  • But it just feels overwhelming.

  • You're not even sure where to start.

If this sounds like you, you're not alone.

We've been decluttering professionally since 2015 and we know that even when you want to declutter, it's not always easy.

When it comes to decluttering, there is no "magic wand". There's no single checklist that everyone can follow. A 3 day declutter challenge will not fix the problem. What you need is a more personalised approach. One that works for YOUR lifestyle, YOUR goals, and YOUR personality. You need support and encouragement on a more individual level, from people who really understand who you are and what you're struggling with. That's exactly why we launched Decluttering for Life. ​

Here's what you will take away from the course


    Decluttering for the life you truly want to live


    No more mental clutter getting in your way ​


    Simple, easy ways to declutter in a way that works for YOU


    From all the stuff that's been holding you back.

What's in the course?

  • 1

    Welcome and Introduction - Setting the Scene

    • Hello and Welcome

    • Our Message to You

    • How The Programme Works

    • Please tell us about you

  • 2

    Module 1 - Finding Your Why

  • 3

    Module 2 - Preparing for Decluttering Success

    • Welcome To Module 2

    • Clutter and Personality

    • Mental Clutter

    • Your Story

    • What's getting in your way?

  • 4

    Module 3 - Making Plans

    • Welcome to Module 3

    • Your Ideal Life

    • Your Ideal Home

    • Where Are You Now? Taking Stock.

  • 5

    Module 4 - Taking Action

    • Welcome to Module 4

    • Where do I start?

    • How to Declutter a Room

    • Making Decisions

    • How to Get Rid of your Stuff

    • Self Care during Decluttering

    • Decluttering in action - a case study

    • Juggling for Life Coaching - Optional Extra

  • 6

    Module 5 - Keeping up the Momentum

    • Welcome to Module 5

    • Habits and Routines

    • Adapting to Life's Changes

    • Going Forward - How we can Support You

    • Additional Resources

    • Your Feedback is Valuable to Us


Your course includes these fabulous bonuses

  • Learning Community

    Membership of our private Decluttering for Life Facebook community for decluttering inspiration, ideas, and support.

  • Lifetime Access

    No time limits. Complete the course in your own time and revisit it as often as you need.

  • One to One Coaching

    A full hour of one to one online coaching with either Sue or Claire to help you develop your own personalised decluttering plan.

All about us

We are Claire Furner and Sue Boatman and we have been running our own successful decluttering company since 2015. We are the best of friends, and we genuinely love what we do.

Decluttering Coach

Claire Furner

With a professional background in management and organisational development, education and training, Claire enjoys finding ways to involve and inspire learners. As a registered hypnotherapist she also understands those who need help with issues such as anxiety, phobias or procrastination. Claire has a down to earth and pragmatic style of working and enjoys helping her clients find solutions to problems. She lives in the Cotswolds, in England with her husband, two daughters, two dogs and a cat. Together with Sue Boatman she is co-owner of New Leaves, a successful decluttering, organising and home staging business.

Decluttering Coach

Sue Boatman

Sue's background is in Corporate Financial Services, where she experienced the challenges of growing and developing an organisation from "start up to stock market". Sue has also successfully run her own business providing administration solutions for entrepreneurs and business owners. Sue brings attention to detail and superb organisational and project management skills. Sue has recently undertaken a programme of study in counselling and coaching. This together with her natural people skills and humour means she is well equipped to help people with this process. Sue lives in the Cotswolds in England with her husband, two teenagers, and three cats. Together with Claire Furner, she is the co-owner of New Leaves, a successful decluttering, organising and home staging business.